Batflat 1.3.0 is here!

Batflat 1.3.0 is here!

The new version of Batflat is now available for download! This is the biggest change in the system since it appeared on the web. Apart from changes in CMS there have been changes on the site. From today we use an encrypted connection, documentation has been updated in English, blog appeared, and we launched two options to become the owner of Batflat. Check out what's new!

Commercial license

We have been asked many times about the possibility of removing the text "Powered by Batflat" from the footer. We have made this option available especially to people who use the script for commercial purposes. The paid version, which costs $29, allows you to remove any visible information about the authors, return links, and change the logo and name (so-called white-label). You must purchase a commercial license on the Batflat website and then enter the received license key into the system settings. The paid version guarantees free support for one month.

New module structure

Certainly the biggest change is the slightly different structure of the module files. From now writing your own modules is easier and more flexible, and the system checks to see if the module is compatible with the current version. In addition, the module list view in the Admin Panel has changed, allowing you to preview the contents of the file from the module directory. This allows you to describe the details of your module's operation.

Remember me

When logging in to the admin panel, you can use the "remember me" option, which remembers the active session for 30 consecutive days since the last logon.

Multilingualism of modules

All the modules that need it, now support multi-lingual system. From now you can add blog posts and create snippets by language.

Language Tag

For web designers we have also made some simplifications. We have introduced a new language tag that allows you to easily display content from a template based on the language of your choice. Example:

{lang: en_english}
    Hello World!
{lang: en_english}
    Hello world!

Avatars and descriptions

In the user management module two new fields appeared: avatar and description. Additional fields can be successfully used with the blog entry template. A simple example of use:

<img src="{$}" class="profile-picture">

New theme

The system pack has a new default template called "batblog". As its name suggests, it was created for the purpose of running a blog.

Other changes

In addition to the aforementioned changes, there are some minor additions, such as navigation support for "one page" websites, update information in the top of AP bar, or the {template: template-file.hml} tag which makes it easy to attach theme files. You will find a full list of changes in the update window.