Batflat 1.3.1

Batflat 1.3.1

Another, but this time much smaller update of Batflat. We fixed bugs reported by the community and added some improvements. We encourage you to download updates and read what we have prepared for you.

Fixed bugs

We fixed forwarding and saving pages in the "Pages" module. From now you can add new subpages without replenishing it. The template of the email sent from the "Contact" module was also corrected.

RSS feed

The blog module has been enriched with automatic generation of XML files that can be used by RSS readers. The link to the file is the head section of the blog page.

Custom CSS Class for Navigation Item

We added a new field in the "Navigation" module. It allows you to assign a link to your custom CSS class.

Grouping WHERE conditions

It is now possible to group the WHERE conditions using the built-in QueryBuilder. Example:

// SELECT * FROM table WHERE (foo = 1 OR foo = 2) AND status = 1 
$rows = $this->core->db('table')->where(function($st) {
            $st->where('foo', 1)->orWhere('foo', 2);
        })->where('status', 1)->toArray();

Entries from blog in Dashboard

The startup screen in the administration panel has also changed a bit. Instead of the news from the Sruu fanpage, the last 3 posts from this blog are displayed.