Batflat 1.3.4

Batflat 1.3.4

We have received many e-mails asking if Batflat is still being developed, because we have not released any updates for a long time. We calm down all the impatient and present a new version – 1.3.4! We have introduced a few corrections, as well as three new modules that greatly enrich Batflat's functionality.

Introduced Adjustments

The most important change is the refactoring of the code to the PSR-2 standard. The variable parser from the template system has also been improved. The blog has an improved method of entering tags and a repaired comment counter. We've also added the ability to display the content of recent posts. On the other hand, the gallery adds the title of the photo to the alt attribute of the graphic object.

Sitemap Generator

The first of the new modules is the generator of the sitemap.xml file, which is designed to facilitate indexing of expanded websites to search engine robots. Just activate it and report the address of the site map to the search engine, for example through Google Search Console or the robots.txt file, where you should enter the appropriate path.


The next module is the search field, which after entering the keywords by the user, searches the content of subpages and blog posts to display them in the form of a list of results. To display the form, use the {$searchBox} tag. By default, the module uses the index.html template to display search results, but you can change this by creating a search.html file inside the theme.


The last new module is a simple statistics module about the website. After activation, a new tab will appear in the administration panel, which contains many numbers and charts, including: number of visits, number of online users, types of operating systems, types of web browsers, country of origin of users or referring addresses to the website based on Batflat.